Welcome to 111 Mic Mac Wing

We are located at 12 Wing, Shearwater, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia in the Shearwater Aviation Museum. Our meeting times are every second Tuesday of the month except July and August. Venue and times to be set at previous meeting We welcome all who are interested in aviation to join us as Members of the Airforce Association of Canada. These web pages will assist you in regards to our wing re: Executive, Air Cadets, Calender of Events Etc. We are also Sponsor of a very active 615 Air Cadet Sqd. Halifax. Interested in joining? Check out our membership page for more information. We hope you gain some knowledge about us and come to visit us in the near future. Enjoy :)

Mission Statement

The Association is a national not-for-profit aerospace and community service organization composed of aviation-minded citizens established to remind Canadians of their country's rich aeronautical tradition and history to support Canada's Air Force and to support and encourage the civil aviation component within the country. Our Association Aims and Objectives are:

  • To preserve and perpetuate the glorious traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force and all      who served in it.
  • To provide a forum for serving and former participants in military and civil aviation.
  • To sponsor and encourage aeronautics in all its forms and branches.
  • To support Air Cadets and work closely with the Air Cadet League of Canada, and to      participate in local civic and community programs, especially those designed to develop the      physical, mental and moral well-being of our nation's youth.
  • To undertake charitable and other projects of both a national and local character.
  • To work with the RCAF Benevolent Fund and various veterans organizations in the      attainment of their objectives.
  • To promote and encourage responsible citizenship among all Canadians.
  • To advocate a proficient and well equipped Air Force in Canada
  • The Photo of the Hurricane Aircraft is from: "National Archives of Canada"
    Photograph no. PL8905.